Colombette Ridge

All houses on the Colombette Ridge are in walking distance from each other, ideal for larger groups of up to 16 adults comfortably. Private pools in the main villas provide individual comfort and the cottages each have spacious balconies with great views. Expect cool nights thanks to fresh breezes throughout the ridge. At the same time, enjoy the view on the bustling city just down the hill.

Colombette Mandevilla

North of the picturesque town of Soufriere on the Colombette Ridge you can find this two-story, 3 bedroom and 3.5 bathroom villa with out-door kitchen, spacious out-door living and private pool. Around 2800 sft/ 260m² one of the most iconic views of the island await you daily: the town of Soufriere with the backdrop of both Pitons and a dash of ocean for amazing sunsets! Prepare for cool breezes and sightings of rare birds.

Prices start at: $975 for 3 nights (+taxes and fees)

Colombette Deck Villa

Our Colombette Deck Villa is a delightful jewel perched in the green and lush hills above Soufriere Town. Its U-shaped living surrounds a deep-set pool in the middle of the open-concept house. Three levels accommodate 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with 2 separate dining areas. On average 2500 sft/ 200m² living area.

Prices start at: $975 for 3 nights (+taxes and fees)

Our quaint cottages

Are you looking for something smaller? Lower budget? Or just want to add extra sleeping on the Colombette property? Have a look at our self-sufficient one-bedroom appartments – with amazing views and cool breezes on spacious porches!

Bèl Van Cottage

This two-story cottage on our Colombette property has a ground floor bed and bath and an upper living and outdoor balcony area. Enjoy a little more than just the bare necessities, because you get one of the best views in town – coupled with fresh cool air and a tranquil, green area.

Prices start at: $300 for 3 nights (+taxes and fees)

Ti Van Cottage

Our one-bedroom studio apartment awaits you with an amazing view of the Soufriere Town, its mountain vista and Caribbean ocean. Wifi, kitchen, balcony-seating and mosquito nets over beds are at hand. We provide linens and cleaning services once a week. Comfortable for up to 2 adults.

Prices start at: $300 for 3 nights (+taxes and fees)

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Colombette Ridge

Our other locations:

Rabot Estate


Right in the heart of the Cocoa Plantation of Rabot Estate you will find two of our exclusive villas with accommodations for over 16 people. Enjoy spectacular, unobstructed views of our famous Pitons – surrounded by lush greenery. Watch out for the amazing sunsets!

In the middle of the historical cocoa plantation of Rabot Estate, facing the Petite Piton

Laborie Beach Front


In the quaint fishing village of Laborie, enjoy these charming beachfront bungalows right off the Coast – with two bedrooms each, air-conditioning, joint pool and easy beach access.

Right on the West Coast, in a picturesque village with the ocean right at your door!