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Rabot Estate


Right in the heart of the Cocoa Plantation of Rabot Estate you will find two of our exclusive villas with accommodations for over 16 people. Enjoy spectacular, unobstructed views of our famous Pitons – surrounded by lush greenery. Watch out for the amazing sunsets!

In the middle of the historical cocoa plantation of Rabot Estate, facing the Petite Piton

Colombette Ridge


Two large villas and two smaller one-bedroom bungalows are available for you in this location. Overlooking the town of Soufriere with just enough distance to enjoy tranquility and cooler temperatures.

Two main villas and two optional one-bedroom bungalows

Laborie Beach Front


In the quaint fishing village of Laborie, enjoy these charming beachfront bungalows right off the Coast – with two bedrooms each, air-conditioning, joint pool and easy beach access.

Right on the West Coast, in a picturesque village with the ocean right at your door!

Everything for a perfect stay

Free Wifi & Internet

All our properties offer you free wifi throughout and ethernet connections in the living rooms. Connect or disconnect as you see fit!

Television & HiFi

We have stunning views – but we understand if you need some extra entertainment! Electronics are provided in all our properties. 

Open-Air Pool

What better way to enjoy the tropics than to go for a refreshing swim in your private pool?

Kitchen & Spice Pantry

Microwaves, coffee-makers, blenders, toaster and all basic kitchen essentials are provided for you. We always have a range of spices on hand, too. 

Maid Service

Don’t worry about cleaning or doing the dishes – our local staff even offers you on-site homecooked meals for a small surcharge.

Linens & Bedding

Fresh bed linens every three days and towels are provided for you. Save some of that precious suitcase space for souvenirs!

And many more depending on your choice of location and house!

Need somethin' extra?

We offer a wide range of connections for your further needs. Write to us for more information!


Car rental & taxi service


Island & Rainforest tours


Weddings and large scale events


Catering & Cooking services


Boat tours & rentals


Massage therapists & beauticians

Our favorite Homes for you

Hermitage Villa

Designed as a Family Home

Private Pool & Gardens

Hermitage Villa nestles on the Rabot Ridge in the middle of the Rabot cocoa plantation. It offers truly breathtaking views of the Pitons.It boasts 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and can comfortably sleep up to 8 people. If you are looking for a true Caribbean getaway or perfect honeymoon then Hermitage Villa with its rustic charm, isolated intimacy, amazing views and colourful gardens is the place for you.

Prices start at: $1,050 for 3 nights (+taxes and fees)

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Colombette Mandevilla

Rooftop Views

Private Pool & Outdoor cooking

North of the picturesque town of Soufriere on the Colombette Ridge you can find this two-story, 3 bedroom and 3.5 bathroom villa with out-door kitchen, spacious out-door living and private pool. Around 2800 sft/ 260m² one of the most iconic views of the island await you daily: the town of Soufriere with the backdrop of both Pitons and a dash of ocean for amazing sunsets! Prepare for cool breezes and sightings of rare birds.

Prices start at: $975 for 3 nights (+taxes and fees)

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Hermitage Terrace

Indoor Waterfall

Private Pool & Grill-Lounge

If you are looking for a true Caribbean getaway then Hermitage Terrace with its wonderful views and colourful gardens is for you. The house features an indoor waterfall, large living areas in cascading terraces and a large pool across 4000 sft / 360m². There are detachable units on the top floor and overall 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms that can comfortably sleep 8 people. The Terrace has easy access to many visitor attractions and activities.

Prices start at: $1,050 for 3 nights (+taxes and fees)

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We are family-built and family-run

In 1987 German entrepreneur Thomas Schmitt was stranded on the island with his brother Jochen. Together they decided to stay on the island. He met, married and made a family home with Myrna Marcellin – building the Hermitage Villa and the Hermitage Terrace on the ridge.

Inspired by the lush landscape and scenic views, the houses were designed and built by the family. Rabot Estate and Colombette Ridge are the accumulation of visionary imagination and German architectural planning. Paired with a Caribbean bright interior and hand-picked artwork from local and African artists – they are unique experiences waiting for you!
The quaint beach houses on the Laborie front are our newest addition – renovated lovingly by keeping the traditional layout of a Caribbean cottage with new trims, colours and modern amenities.

The family moved back and forth between Germany and St.Lucia, renting out their family homes to curious travelers. Up to today, we believe in not just offering you a simple accommodation for your travels, but offering you a family home in the tropics – your home away from home.

We hope you enjoy these varied get-aways, be it as a large family vacation, a couple get-away or a private meditative experience in the tropics!


Open Design for amazing views

Inspired by the stunning views our main houses on the Rabot Estate and Colombette Ridge are all open-concept living. We invite nature in and welcome you to experience the natural beauty of our island.


Elevated Cooling

Apart from our beach front location in the quaint village of Laborie, our properties are situated at least 1500 feet above sea level and do not feature air-conditioning. You get some amazing views, and more importantly, cooler temperatures. Be prepared for some refreshing breezes and even chilly evenings. (Don’t worry, we have comfy blankets ready for you!)


Water collections

We collect and filter rainwater for our water- and pool systems. This lets most of our properties run off the grid and helps our island to save resources! Additionally, we heat our bath and shower water through a passive heating system on our roof. Help us stay eco-friendly and conserve with us!


Natural Homes

Our homes are built with natural materials: Hand-carved stonework and long-lived heavy woods. Detailed craftsmanship can be seen in our villas whilst our smaller houses and cottages focus on capturing scenic views in efficient spacial orientation.
We hope you treasure a good wood flooring and island-crafted terra cotta tiles as much as we do!

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